This page includes some information for your paper registration process:

  1. Revision of your paper
  2. IEEE Copyright Form
  3. Payment Process
  4. Accomodations

1. Revision of your paper

Please revise your paper based on the reviewer’s suggestions. In order to comply with the IEEE publication guidelines, please re-check the layout of your paper. The paper must follow the publication guidelines provided by IEEE in this link
Several components of the paper where mistakes are common includes:

  • Tables
  • Captions
  • Gaps/blank spaces in writing
  • Picture resolution (min. 300dpi)
  • Figure placement
  • References
  • Equations (they should not be figures, but real equations)

Please upload your paper using our system before April 20, 2018:

  1. Login to our system
  2. Please go to user home menu
  3. Select active
  4. Select title of your paper
  5. Select Review section (under the paper id information)
  6. Go to Director Decision Area
  7. Choose file
  8. Upload your camera-ready paper
  9. You will find your paper with the date information beside it.

If your papers still not comply with IEEE format, we will re-contact you to revise and resubmit your paper until it meets the requirement of IEEE format.

2. IEEE Copyright Form

In addition, please kindly fill and sign IEEE copyright form which can be downloaded here.
Please login and upload your IEEE copyright form to our system in

  1. Go to User Home -> Active
  2. Select your paper title
  3. Select Summary (Under the paper id Text)
  4. Select Upload supplementary files
  5. Please fill the Title with <id-of-your-paper>–copyright-form, e.g , “343-copyright-form”
  6. Click Save

3. Payment Process

Registration Fee of IWBIS 2018:


Registration Fee
Domestic Author (Indonesian Only) Rp. 3.000.000
International Author USD 300
Domestic Participant Rp. 700.000
International Participant USD 150
Additional Page Charge USD 10 per page(Rp. 120.000,- per halaman)

Your conference registration will include:

  • Seminar Kit (T-shirt, goody bag, notes, etc)
  • USB Flashdisk contains accepted papers
  • Morning and afternoon coffee break
  • Buffet lunch
  • Certificate
  • Gala dinner

Payment Method:

bni Bank Name : BNI
Account Name : UNIVERSITAS-INDONESIA-Fasilkom Non BP
Account Number : 127 3000 444
Swift Code :
BNI NIDJA 127 3000 444 for 8 characters
BNI NIDJA XXX 127 3000 444 for 11 characters
  • There will be additional fees ($10/page) if your paper is more than 6 pages, and please be sure that your paper is not more than 10 pages.
  • Transfer fees transaction are charged to the author.
  • Please send your scanned payment receipt to
  • We do not provide printed proceeding onsite, please contact us if you need one. There is additional charge to print and ship it to your address

4. Accommodation

The further information about accommodations, transportations, and Visa Information can be found in our website.

Accommodations & Transportations:
Visa Information:

If you meet a trouble in submitting camera-ready paper, IEEE Copyright Form, and payment receipt, please send it via e-mail iwbis[at] You can also contact us via email iwbis[at], if you need acceptance letter signed by our general chair for your visa process.